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EITALL was created in 1995 with a desire to develop custom workflow applications that meet the individual needs of our clients. Our products are designed with components that ensure standardization are preserved, and that ease of integration into a customer's existing  network is inherent in the application. We do this to maintain a high level of adaptability for future changes and backward compatibility. This process saves you money as future changes and updates are minimal and the application's shelf life is long-term.


Our goal is to work with the you to identify ways in which your company's manual workflow processes can be automated to provide efficient and cost effective solutions. This insures that the critical information you need is easily accessible and manageable to your staff and production personnel so intelligent and productive business decisions can be made with minimal effort.


Many companies today create and market "canned" applications, better known as Custom Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software, which tend to be limited in scope, or focus on specific functionalities. This approach in application development not only produces a utility that can be proprietary to specific situations, but also one that requires numerous adjustments and updates be made to integrate the app into a your existing infrastructure.  This results in additional cost from development processes and the resulting delayed deployment and down-time. It is evident that these "as-is" apps can only satisfy a small percentage of the your needs. EITALL can help you get the most out of COTS software you may have purchased or assist you in acquiring the most effective and compliant COTS software for your needs.  We can create "wrapper" component products that will help these applications communicate with other systems your location may be using. While this is not always possible due to restrictions of the particular product, it usually is something we can accomplish. That said, our core competency is the development of custom software designed especially for your business architecture and workflow. Contact us for a phone consultation to discuss your needs and see how we can accommodate them.



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Software Developing

Our Intranet & Extranet (database-driven) solutions eliminate the need to install and maintain software on client PCs. Users access your company's database and perform their task via a secure, user-friendly interface . . .
Social networks, such as Facebook, Google+, Windows Live, LinkedIn and Twitter to name a few, provide businesses with an excellent opportunity to expand their reach to millions of users. These applications are viral in nature, meaning they spread exponentially as users of these networks share them with friends and relatives globally . . .

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